Bodegas Salentein

Killka Collection


The exhibit halls for the Killka collection of Bodegas Salentein are designed to meet the standards of the world’s finest art centres, and to display and preserve the highly valuable works that make up the collection.

The collection includes a selection of works by contemporary Argentine artists and a collection of Dutch paintings from the 19th and 20th Centuries. This project expresses, through art, the strong ties that exist between Holland and Argentina.

Contemporary Argentine artists

This collection combines works by renowned contemporary Argentine artists, well-established working artists, and up-and-coming artists from a figurative and eclectic universe. The entire collection is characterized by a high level of excellence and a deep look at the essence of all things Argentine, revealing a particular view from the humorous side and from the expressive universe of color. Paintings by the following artists are part of this collection: Carlos Alonso, Nicolás García Uriburu, Rómulo Macció, Josefina Robirosa, Antonio Seguí, Luis Benedit, Blas Castagna, Fernando Masa, Rogelio Polesello, Carlos Gorriarena, Jorge Demirjian, Marcia Schvartz, Eduardo Stupia, Alfredo Prior, Silvina Benguría, Juan José Cambre, , Marita Lavoisier , Juan Lecuona, Cristian Delhez Eduardo Hoffman, Andrés Waissman, Germán Wendel ,Marcelo Torreta y Miguel Ocampo. También esculturas de Ricardo Longhini y Rogelio Polesello.

Dutch artists from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

This collection includes portrayals of classic Dutch landscapes and lives, in the genres that were in high demand at that time. The artists “look around” and describe in great detail the environment surrounding them, and everyday life events and characters, far from any idealized representation. Paintings by the following artists are part of this collection: Johannes Franciscus Spohler, Leendert Van Der Vlist, Paul Kühstohs, Willen Koekkoek, Charles Henri Joseph Leickert, Elias Peter Van Bommel, Dirk Johannes Van Haaren, Francesco Mosso (Italiano), Hans Von Bartels y Arnold Marc Gorter.